Livekick Team | Jan. 25, 2018

There is an unbelievable amount of conflicting advice on nutrition. What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. One health expert advocates a paleo diet, another a vegan diet, yet another encourages intermittent fasting while another directs eating immediately upon waking. Which one is “right”? Ultimately, there is no one answer for everyone. However, there are metabolism-boosting methods just about everyone can apply to their nutrition plan of choice. Here are three ideas from our expert nutrition coach regarding what and when to eat.

  1. Eat breakfast.
    • We’ve all heard this one. It’s best to eat a solid breakfast about within 1-2 hours upon waking. Waiting too long to eat the first meal can cause a metabolism crash and send blood sugars spiraling down. Skipping breakfast means no energy or nutrients for the body and brain and it increases the likelihood of choosing unhealthy foods when the threat level is ravenous. Eating breakfast is a good way to begin the day with nutrients and keep blood sugar levels stable. 
  2. Instead of six small meals, try NOT snacking.
    • You better believe our ancestors were not popping a handful of almonds into their mouths or scarfing down protein bars every 1-2 hours. Every time you eat something, insulin levels spike which set off hunger and stress hormones. If this happens every 60 minutes, the body becomes a sugar burner instead of a fat burner, alerting your body to store unwanted fat. Fat burn will happen when the body goes 4-6 hours between meals instead of 1-2. Make sure each meal includes enough fiber and protein to sustain and satiate until the next meal.
  3. Water. Always.
    • A glass of water can boost the metabolism up to 30% and lower appetite. Sipping on water can help bust a snacking habit and make a 4-6 hour eating schedule a cinch. Studies have shown even 1-2% dehydration can increase stress hormones, cause moodiness, fatigue, memory issues and headaches. So when that 3pm energy crash comes, grab a glass of water and see what happens. To avoid diluting digestive enzymes necessary to break down your meal and absorb nutrients, don’t drink water 30 minutes before or after a meal.
    • Don’t like water? Try infusing it with yummy fruits and veggies including strawberries, mint, citrus and ginger.