Dianne Sykes | July 2, 2018

Healthy cocktails!

Oh yes!!! It’s that time of year for sure. At Livekick, we fully support a life well-lived. A life in harmony. A fun, easy life full of flow and joy. 

But doesn't alcohol mess with my fitness plan?

It’s perfectly okay to enjoy some summertime cocktails as part of your fitness plan. Why? Because fitness and your lifestyle are one in the same. You do not exist in some controlled bubble where you have to be “good”, “counting every last calorie," and only allowing yourself the “instructed cheat meal." Restricting everything and living in that tension inevitably causes... you guessed it... SABOTAGE!

Sound all too familiar? Thought so. 

Harmonious living

So let’s get back to one of our core values. Living a life of harmony. Being healthy is about freedom, NOT restriction. Drop the rules and the guilt. Do the best you can. Workout often. Put quality nutrients in your body. Sleep. Relax. And give yourself permission to have fun with all of it!! 

We had fun creating a list of healthier cocktails for you. So CHEERS to summer. To FREEDOM and to your best health & happiness! 

guilt-free cocktails

summer healthy cocktail recipes