Tammi Harrison | Feb. 7, 2019

When we say commitment, we’re not referring to the “get down on one knee” kind (though we get that it’s that time of year with Valentine’s Day coming up!). For most, the word commitment conjures the idea of committing to another person. We’re here to encourage you to start thinking about the word as it relates to YOU instead! Sometimes that’s the hardest kind of commitment: putting yourself first and deciding to live a healthier life. We believe fitness should be at the forefront of this commitment, as it has an integral impact on your health, overall wellbeing, and happiness. According to a study from University of Utah, even tiny bouts of exercise throughout the day add up, contributing to overall health. In fact, even one single “brisk” minute of moving can have a noticeable impact.

Establishing and sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging. We begin with the best of intentions, but life often gets in the way. We buy that nifty new gadget, sign up for some streaming service that seems cool, but then it loses its novelty, or the gadget becomes just another item in the pile of clutter in our lives we’re not using. We know commitment takes effort, requires discipline and sometimes even means being a little selfish. We’ve got some ideas on how to help you commit and make the change you want. To live healthy and feel good, not just for one month a year, but for a lifetime.

Tips and Tricks for staying consistent with your fitness routine:


  • Know yourself. Everyone needs different motivating factors in order to stay committed; it’s crucial to discover what those are for you. Will taking progress pictures motivate you? Perhaps it’s knowing that every day you’ll get a totally different workout, and you need that promise of variety to stick with it. Or maybe it’s making a financial investment in a new fitness experience. For me personally, I’ll tell you that it’s putting on those jeans that fit me just right when I’m committed, and are a bit too snug when I’m not!
  • Look the part. As the expression says, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” We can apply this here by doing our best to look the part of someone who commits to fitness. Go buy some new workout clothes that make you feel super confident. Make athleisure a part of your wardrobe, and make it a ritual to set out those clothes the night before so that you can be ready to work out upon waking. Emulate your favorite fitness “celeb” on Instagram. Take the classes he or she takes and go to the studios he or she goes to. Try the workouts he or she posts and recommends. Before you know it, you’ll start to see yourself transform.
  • Get yourself an accountability partner. A buddy is one of the best ways to stay committed. Gretchen Rubin has an interesting quiz about human tendencies: she says that if we ask ourselves the question, “How do I respond to expectations?” we gain exciting insight into ourselves. Many of us discover that we only respond to expectations if they are set externally - i.e., by someone else. We can certainly apply this to fitness, whether in the form of making a workout date with a friend or finding that coach who helps push you along and is devoted to your wellbeing. Research confirms that incentives and accountability help us stay committed to reaching our goals.
  • Schedule your fitness. Pick some times each week that are dedicated to your fitness (this could range from a walk around the block to a more intense workout - all movement is valid!) and actually schedule them into your calendar. It can be early in the morning when no one else is awake, or right after work when you can extend your day just a little longer. When you put fitness onto your calendar, it becomes just as important as all of the other aspects of your life like work meetings, paying bills, picking kids up from school, etc. It has a set time, day, and activity. Workouts are now important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself, and remember; bosses don’t cancel!

At Livekick, we are committed to your commitment. Your weekly reserved time is your “me time” that’s just for you, and now you no longer need to worry about racing to sign up for your favorite class before everyone else does. It’s already yours. Our fitness coaches are there to support you and keep you consistent. Sign up this month and get $50 off your first two months- it’s our little way of helping you make that commitment today.

So while everyone else is all hearts and butterflies on Valentine’s Day, you can take a moment of gratitude to appreciate your commitment to yourself. It’s the kind of commitment that no box of chocolates can replace.