Dianne Sykes | April 27, 2018

One of the most common questions we hear in fitness is, "How do you do it?." Here’s the cool part about this question... it really doesn’t matter what the “it” is. Whether it’s how to improve your nutrition, how to drop ten pounds, or how to stay inspired in your workout regime, the system for achieving what you want can be broken down into six simple steps. Check 'em out... 
Here's your HOW: 

  1. Get crystal clear on what you want.
    • Decide what it is you’re after and get specific. Defining your vision clearly is essential to achieving it. Want to drop 10 pounds? Why? What will it be like and how are you going to feel when you are in that lighter body?
  2. Make a plan.
    • Start by writing down the first step. Then take some time to create a plan, which will help you further clarify your vision, avoid potential obstacles, discover resources to help you, and give you a roadmap to refer to along the way.
  3. Seek out a coach.
    • There are many people who have done this before. There are people out there who have built their careers around helping others get the health they desire... they’re called personal trainers. Shayna Schmidt, our Team Leader here at Livekick says, “It’s my joy to help people change their lives.” A great trainer is devoted to your individual needs and can help you master your personalized plan. They’ll encourage and guide you to see your vision to fruition!
  4. Take aligned action every day.
    • This is a big one. The Grand Canyon wasn’t carved from a single hot mess of action. Its stunning beauty was created with millions of years of persistent and very intentional force. It’s what you chose to do every day that defines your life. Changing one habit at a time will make it easier to stay consistent. Don’t start out trying to eat the perfect meal five times a day. Just start with breakfast.
  5. Celebrate your progress.
    • More than just tracking and monitoring your results... honor them along the way. This will boost your confidence and anchor your mindset into those aligned actions you are taking. It elevates your whole vibe and allows you to start embodying the person that lives this healthy lifestyle. You’ll be able to answer questions like, “What can I dial in even more?,” and, “Where am I putting in more effort than necessary?.”
  6. Expand your capacity.
    • What happens when you achieve your goal faster than expected because you used these simple steps? You’ve elevated your whole vibe, shifted your mindset and because you’ve adopted this 6-step success cycle, you can apply this momentum to anything. You can layer in new fitness goals or shift energy towards your financial goals. You can apply these steps to any area of your life. 

The secret to achieving whatever you set out to do is following ALL of the steps. Like any system, it only works when you use it!
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