Shayna Schmidt | March 20, 2018

It’s no secret that Instagram is the most prominent social media platform in the fitness world. Instagram’s most famous fitness personalities use the platform to market their exercise and nutrition plans to millions of followers-- how awesome is that?! However, to someone looking for fitness inspiration, or #fitspo, as it’s often called, can sometimes seem quite overwhelming and even sometimes discouraging. To combat this, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite inspirational health & wellness ’grammers of the moment for you to check out!


1. Neghar Fonooni (@negharfonooni)

"Muscles, magic, and messy conversations,” is what Neghar advertises one will find within her social media presence. This badass babe is a true inspiration. A self-proclaimed “meathead,” “witch,” and “activist,” she gives ZERO f@&*$s and writes some really inspiring words. Here’s a recent snippet: “... because I know that I won’t ever fit into their beige and boring expectations of what it means to be a woman* in today’s world, I choose instead to go my own damn way - to reject the pressure to conform, to write my own stories and make my own rules. To sometimes break my rules. To change the beat with which I march according to the ever expanding nature of my being.” Boom.


2. Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman)

Bronfman is a DJ and fitness fanatic with an Instagram aesthetic to match. What's more, she's partnering up with Adidas Women to create some fitness care packages to help you kickstart your fitness journey, so her feed is def chock full of #fitspo, tips, and tricks. Plus, like our girl Neg, above, she boasts real-ness. “Enough of IG is curated and perfect,” she wrote recently. “This is me. That is all.”


3. Kenneth Gallarzo (@progressive_calisthenics)

Since we love bodyweight training here at Livekick, we wanted to shout out this fitness coach. Kenneth’s Instagram is almost entirely dedicated to demonstrating slow, controlled, bodyweight (though, often really more like impressive gymnastics) moves, and we can’t get enough!


4. Sarah Bowmar (@sarah_bowmar)  

Sarah is a fierce certified personal trainer who includes some really great exercise demonstration videos on her page. Expect lots of flexed shots of her amazing, earned biceps and back muscles as well as some awesome transformation photos and demos. She and her fitness hubby started an online coaching business together as well as @bowmar_nutrition, a supplement company which sells protein hot chocolate, among other items.


5. Desiree Scoggin (@desb___)  

Des is the inspirational lady behind the #unguardedandunbothered hashtag, created to inspire people to post more “natural” fitness-inspired pics: no posing, fancy lighting, flexing, turning… essentially no, what society may deem, a perfect fitness photo.  Des is an ACSM-CPT, holds a BS in Exercise Science, is an NPC bikini competitor, and an online coach… oh and she definitely has some rockin’ abs.


6. Ben Booker (@thebenbooker)

Super inspirational fit dude who owns a 24-hour gym in IL. He often highlights the importance of functional training and mobility work, as Livekick does, and doesn’t just advocate getting as jacked as possible, regardless of whether or not you’re able to lift your arms above your head. A quote from a recent post: “I have come a long way. It takes time to teach your body how to move better and more efficiently… stay at the slow and steady process of moving better!” We totally agree, Ben. And we definitely think you’re moving pretty well!


7. BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour)  

BJ is one of our faves. The former fitness director of Men’s Health, he is a self-proclaimed “former fat guy turned cover model.” His mission is to keep fitness and nutrition as simple and as real as possible. Expect authenticity, honesty, and lots of humor from his social media presence if you choose to follow. For example, you may find posts detailing the “5 inappropriate things you can ONLY say at the gym,” and posts that maintain that “1 out of 3 workouts will be shitty,” while also showing you an illustration of someone defecating. Keep making us LOL, BJ.

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