Shayna Schmidt | April 3, 2018

We’re so excited to bring you the first post of our Meet the Trainer Series!

Our members undoubtedly get to know their trainers through their sessions together, but we wanted to introduce these passionate, powerful coaches in more detail to both their members and the rest of the world!    

Today we chatted with Livekick trainer Ventatia, and we can’t wait for you to learn a little bit more about her.

Q: Hey Ventatia! Let’s start by having you just giving us a bit of background on yourself in general: where you’re from, where you currently live, and how long you’ve been a trainer.

A: I'm from South Africa, Bloemfontein. A lovely small city with beautiful surrounding nature. I've been a trainer for over a year and I love it, it's truly a rewarding job. 

Q: How and why did you start working in the fitness industry?

A: I was privileged enough to become qualified in belly dancing in my last year of school after many years of practice and study. This opened my eyes to the benefits of staying fit and healthy even more compared to what I had already experienced. Belly dancing is an incredible workout which requires a tremendous amount of muscle control as you isolate your body to execute each movement. My love for dancing led me to opening my own dance school and during my teaching experience, I fell in love with helping people live healthier, happier lives. My passion for this grew to the extent of me applying for my personal training diploma, and so the journey began! 

I have an intense love for helping people, so when I stepped into the fitness industry and got my first job at a gym facility, I was in seventh heaven.

After gaining some experience there, I wanted to continue my journey under my own independent business name which consisted of me training clients at their homes. 

Q: Describe yourself in 3 words.

A:  Empathetic, generous, loving. 

Q: Who comes to mind when asked who has influenced you most in your life?

A: I think I could write a novel for this answer! It's impossible for me to choose just one person as so many people have contributed to who I am today. Everyone around me and who I make contact with influences me in some way. From my mom who influences me to love unconditionally and practice patience, my friends who influence me to be a better version of myself, and my clients who influence me to be a better trainer. To continue learning every day and find new ways to help people. I believe everyone around us is here to influence, teach us, and help us grow in ways we're open to. 

Q: Best advice you’ve ever been given?

A: "Don't worry about what other people think  Just follow your heart and do it." - my mom

Q: Walk us through a day of food in the life of Ventatia.

A: I'm a big breakfast person, so I need to eat my breakfast as soon as I wake up and no later. A secret I'll share with you - chocolate is a great way to start the day. Along with that, it's important to remember to eat your little cheats in moderation! I feel a taste of chocolate for breakfast makes you feel happier and super positive for the rest of the day. So ONE block of good quality chocolate along with homemade muesli and milk is how I start my day. 

My snacks always vary from nuts, raw vegetables like carrots and any fruit. I really enjoy my fruits, especially berries. Berries are beneficial for a strong immune system and healthy heart. Plus, they taste amazing, so why not? 

For lunch time, I enjoy my protein. A lot of protein. I love chicken, mainly because I have a secret chicken recipe that's absolutely to die for! Mix this with some baby marrow spaghetti (that’s zucchini noodles, for us Americans!) and I'm good to go. Some days when I feel I'll need a lot of energy, I go for a scrambled egg sandwich. 

For my lunch time snack, I like bringing in a smoothie, since I love them so much. Mainly because they're quick and easy for those busy days and it's impossible to fail at it. I just blend whatever I feel like with either yogurt or tea and my day already feels complete. For these smoothies, I love incorporating pre-workout food like bananas and Greek yogurt because it really gives me the burst of energy I need since that's my preferred time to workout. 

For dinner, more meat, because it's yum. Mainly chicken with fresh veggies and some good carbs. Everyday I make sure to stay hydrated because not only does  it clean your body out but it's good for your skin too. For those cold days, I enjoy a cup of green tea or ginger tea to spice things up a bit. 

I believe you need to enjoy the food you eat, which makes your goals even easier to achieve. 

Q: What’s your favorite exercise at the moment to give clients?

A: Plank! The plank is such a versatile exercise that requires you to work more muscles than what you actually realize. You really start feeling the burn with this one and it's  suitable for all fitness levels. 

Q: What’s your favorite exercise at the moment to do in your own workouts?

A: Squats without a doubt. I love my squats. What I find most exciting is all the variations which are so fun to do. I'm always up for a leg challenge and if I could make everyday leg day, I totally would! 

Q: Are you a morning workout person or an evening workout person?

A: I like to think of myself as an anytime person, but I definitely prefer working out late afternoon /early evening. I feel my energy levels are so much higher and I enjoy my workouts even more. 

Q: 3 things you can’t leave home without?

A: Wearing a bracelet, it's definitely become an attachment and I feel so lost without it! Chapstick and chewing gum.

Q: Idea of a perfect Sunday?

A: The perfect Sunday would be a cold, miserable rainy day. I'm a huge lover of rain and the scent it leaves behind after a good shower makes me feel so revitalized. It's beautiful just sitting and watching the rain fall from the sky and you feel really connected to nature. It feels even better while drinking some bubble tea, which I'm a big fan of. 

Sunday is the day I get to recharge physically and mentally. On this day, I emphasize my spiritual growth and meditation practices to create a positive energy for the following week. I also make sure to get in quality time with my mom and my furry child, Shanika who is a Boxer dog. After a day well spent, I like ending it off with a tea bath and relaxing music to cleanse my energy and nourish my skin. 
Considering all the factors I can control throughout the day, I ensure that every Sunday is the perfect Sunday. 

Q: Best fitness tips for someone just getting started?

A: Never give up and believe in yourself. Enlist the help of a trainer to keep you motivated and see the results you want to see. With the trainers help, it's important to be reminded that you're on a constant journey and you need to find what works for YOUR body, because everyone is unique and different. 

Q: Where can we find you on social media to follow you? What’s your Instagram handle?

A: @fitness_training180

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