Dianne Sykes | June 4, 2018

If you are interested in developing your mindset, a great place to start is shifting to an abundance mentality. That is the foundation to creating more health, wealth and love in your life.

Here are 3 great tips for your journey:

  1. Practice active appreciation. Sometimes it's easy to glance at your bank account and not notice a payment has come in because you’re "used" to it. Or overlook a smile from your loved one because you expect it. Or go through the motions of your workout because it’s a “habit”. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, stop and energetically connect to the money, the smile or the sweat. Say thank you for every damn bit of it. What you appreciate appreciates.
  2. Be grateful for the challenges. You are obviously going to have things show up that aren’t so great. BE GRATEFUL for the lesson. In every obstacle you get to choose to ditch the pain and see the opportunity for growth. When you focus on growth you grow.
  3. Acknowledge your BS story. Everyone has one. Maybe your father was really frugal and your mom ate to cope. Maybe both of your parents were extremely hard on you and you’ve always felt like you have to prove yourself in order to feel good. Whatever your story is, become aware of it. Embrace it. Accept it. Create NEW beliefs out of abundance. 

So there you have it. A great place to start. You appreciate, you grow and you create new beliefs. This opens you up to abundance and seeing your life in an expansive way rather than in lack and scarcity. That’s a hard way to live and achieve any goal, from the rocking bod to the booming bank account.