Nicole Duxbury | March 15, 2018

You may have heard the term “vision board” thrown around and chalked it up to some hippie activity. Turns out vision boards are gaining some real traction, and there’s a pretty simple explanation of why they work so well. 

Creating a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life, because it's no secret that we focus on expands. Meditation and visualization are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and self-awareness and to focus the mind. We all know this, but it’s difficult to really know how to “effectively” perform a visualization exercise. When you create a vision board and place it in a space that you frequent, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout your day.

Let’s be clear

Loosely speaking, a vision board is a board, book, or frame that holds visual inspirational images representing things you want to feel, do, have, and/or be in your life. 

It is a powerful tool that easily implements the Law of Attraction. It is used as an effective motivation technique for helping people reach their goals, in personal life as well as professionally.

How vision boards work

  • Power of Choice
  • Power of Visualization
  • Power of Consistency

That’s a lot of power! But where does the power come from? As you have probably guessed, it comes from within you. Furthermore, it’s generated by the amazing power of the human mind.

By choosing your goals, you are taking control of what you presently desire. Be specific with those choices and write them down. “Be thin” is far too general if you really mean that you want to walk up that epic flight of stairs into work without getting winded, or if you really mean that you want to fit into that specific dress by that specific date. 

The next step is to visualize those specific goals. You will find images and words of affirmation that help you put the picture together and see yourself having, doing, being them. Look for inspiration all around you, and then hunt for strong images that reflect those wants.

Once you have your goals established, you then need a consistent reminder that helps you visualize your choices. This part of the process is what drives your brain-- both subconsciously and consciously-- to seek out and achieve your dreams. This is where the true effect of the Law of Attraction comes into play. Forming your entire life experience through your thoughts. 

How to style your vision board

It goes without saying that everyone’s vision board will look different. It’s totally up to you. What makes the most sense in your life? What visual elements bring you comfort and pleasure, and what visual elements make your brain hurt? Some people are uncomfortable with disarray and lack of order. They prefer straight lines and structure. There’s no reason why they can’t enjoy the creative process of building their vision board with orderly precision and an organized format. They are allowed to refuse chaos to have entry into their finished product! This will keep them on track and make their vision board pleasing to “the eye of the beholder.”

On the other end of the spectrum we have the arty creatives who will plaster multitudes of color and ideas into the smallest spaces to ensure their vision board is utilized to the maximum capacity. They will probably paste things on at a slant, over and under other entries, and even maybe stick things “out of bounds”. That’s all okay too! These masterpieces will certainly attract attention in the appropriate ways to these individuals. 
Where to start

Take a peek online and look at the many vision boards that people have shared with the world! However, if this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, here are six easy steps to help you get started: 

  • List your goals (be specific)
  • Collect resources (magazines are great)
  • Start digging for pictures that inspire you or represent your goals
  • Make a collage
  • Add text
  • Enjoy the motivation!

In conclusion

Don’t forget the power of consistency. Your dream board holds your goals and visions: it's what you want to happen in your life. Whether it be fitness goals, relationship goals, financial and travel plans, or simply ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life, you can achieve it with a little visualization. 

Be sure to place your vision board in a location that you easily view every day (i.e. probably not tucked away in that bottom drawer you never open). You have made the choices, you have visualized yourself there, now go forth and own it.  Let the Law of Attraction work to help you achieve anything and everything you desire in your life. 

What do you think? Will you start creating your vision board today? We hope the answer is yes!

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