Shayna Schmidt | Nov. 21, 2018

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and there's so little time left in the year, we may feel that there's no point in making an effort when it comes to health and fitness. We may be tempted to let all of our healthy habits fall by the wayside, promising to start again in the new year.

No! Not with your Livekick team to support you. Here are some helpful ideas to allow you to enjoy the rest of this year fully, and perhaps bounce back from the sausage-filled stuffing and pumpkin pie binge that may or may not have occurred on Thanksgiving day. All is not lost, friends.

1. Get back to it.

A Turkey Day binge does NOT need to turn into a blowout that lasts until January 1. Start up with business as usual today. If you have a Livekick membership, you'll automatically be picking back up with your scheduled recurring session times which is awesome. Perhaps request to schedule a bonus session. If you haven't yet kicked off your membership with us... first of all, scroll down to the bottom of this post to peek at our Cyber Monday Deal. But we also encourage you to try a new workout class in your area. Call a friend to go for a jog. Walk to work the next few days! Whatever you can do to stay off the couch until Christmas.

2. Don't go too far in the other direction.

Resume your normal routine. Eating too much on Thanksgiving doesn't now mean that you starve yourself for the rest of the weekend. Whatever you normally have for breakfast, start with that on Friday morning. It also doesn't mean you go from minimal exercise to 3-per-day HIIT workouts that you've never tried before. Doing too much too quickly will overstress your body and can even lead to injury, benching you for the next several weeks. That’s the last thing your health goals need!

3. Reap the benefits of December.

Wherever you live, perhaps there are some new winter activities you can try. In light of the previous tip, start slowly, but activities like skiing, snow shoeing, sledding and ice skating are all fun and active ideas to do while enjoying the beautiful white snow! Speaking of snow, your significant other will definitely be happy if you volunteer to shovel the driveway... just saying. Another great idea for the cold months is hot yoga. When it's chilly outside and therefore inside your gym or your house, it can be harder to break a great sweat - increase the temperature of the room and all your problems are solved! A warmer room inevitably increases your energy output, which results in raising your heart rate and metabolism.

4. Make a resolution now. 

There's no time like the present to get started on your fitness journey. Many of us like to feel that we are able to indulge a bit during the holiday season each year. We get that. But that doesn't need to mean 1.5 months of indulging. Plan out the days you want to go a little nuts. Ensure that the rest of the days are business as usual. If you start a fitness routine right now, it will certainly be easier to continue come January 1. Plus you'll get some solo time in the gym before the rest of the world signs up for their membership! Seriously though - about 12% of gym memberships start in January, so beat those crowds. As one New Yorker put it to Men's Health, "It's a circus in January."

We hope these tips have inspired you to stay active through the rest of 2018. If you haven't heard, we're offering an insane deal for Cyber Monday: 4 free sessions on us! Click here to complete your signup before 11/26 is over, and don't forget to use code CYBERMONDAY at checkout to kickoff your health this season.