Shayna Schmidt | Nov. 21, 2018

Whether you're cooking, hosting, or attending, Thanksgiving can be a marathon of a holiday. To help keep you in check, we've compiled some tips on how to start your day with the right moves (literally) and in the right mindset so you can really celebrate the day for its special elements instead of panicking about losing track of your fitness goals.

1. Drink water.

Upon waking and also all throughout the day. This is going to help you to stay hydrated (ensuring that you'll feel better tomorrow if you plan to indulge in alcohol this evening) as well as to stay at least semi-satiated (less chance for overindulging). Water can act a natural appetite suppressant, as it takes up space in the tummy and leads to a feeling of fullness. This will help you arrive at your meal ready to eat, but not ready to eat the whole table.

2. Start with movement.

If you're a typical morning movement person, this is simple. Start Thanksgiving day like every other day, and get your morning workout in. The good news is perhaps today it can be at 9am instead of 6:45am! If you don't normally work out in the morning, make the adjustment for today, knowing that perhaps you'll be able to make your meal work for you and your goals! Studies show that working out in the morning helps boost your metabolism, and we can all definitely benefit from that on turkey day. High-intensity moves will put your body into a state known as EPOC, or exercise post-oxygen-consumption, meaning your body will continue to burn more calories than it does at rest even after your workout has ended. Share that info with your family, and maybe everyone will be up for taking a brisk walk or running a 5K Turkey Trot! Starting the day with some family movement can be a wonderful way to kick off the holiday together. 

3. Eat breakfast.

A lot of people are tempted to skip the first meal of the day on Thanksgiving, which makes sense. But honestly, "saving up calories" for the big meal never works. You end up starving by the time you hit dinner and overindulging almost immediately. Start Thanksgiving with a protein-packed meal to keep you full until dinner like an egg-white omelet filled with veggies, a bowl of oatmeal, or a smoothie. This way you won't be hangry by the time dinner rolls around, which will allow you to be mindful and present with your choices.

4. Try some stress-busting yoga.

Since stress can mess with digestion and cloud our perception of hunger and fullness cues, going into the day with a clear head is so helpful for making mindful choices. Before you arrive at your event, or your event arrives to you, spend some time alone on your mat. It's extremely helpful to check in with yourself and reset before having to be "on" for family members. Here's a great little 5-minute sequence if you're not sure how to get started. If you like it, sign up with one of our yoga teachers post-holiday! We love helping folks create new habits before the new year hits.

Happy Thanksgiving, Livekickers! Enjoy the holiday and celebrate whatever it means to you. And keep your eyes peeled on your inbox to find out about our epic Cyber Monday deal...