Dianne Sykes | July 11, 2018

What is Qi?

Qi is quite simply your life force. Think of it as your invisible circulatory system.

It circulates energy much like blood and fluids flow through your body. You can awaken, stimulate and use Qi. It is under your control and there are many exercises specifically designed to help you circulate your Qi energy. The practice is called Qigong. You want it to grow and strengthen in order to give your life radiance, longevity and clarity.

Analogy: Your physiology gets an upgrade to -HD-. Qi can be accessed from the very air you breathe; from all life. It is the energy of intention. To harness it is to accomplish what you set out to from a place of full expression of self as the genius you are. Qi flows through meridians which divide the body into sections according to 12 major organs. The central meridian is of most relevance with regard to exercise as this is our center of gravity (right below the navel). Qi helps you open up your cells and aligns you biologically with your greatest health.

Click here to watch a video and learn a simple introductory Qigong practice. Let us know how it goes!