Dianne Sykes | Aug. 9, 2018

We’ve all been there for sure! You just lie in bed. Awake. Mind going like a million miles a minute. You get up to go pee. And then… well?? Game over!

Don't "muscle through"

I feel your pain and I go through it, too. As a physiologist, I find it incredibly disheartening when I hear stories about over-the-counter sleep aids or getting a more serious medication prescription. As a woman, however, I also find it super frustrating to get advice like, "It will pass," or, "Just try to relax," or, "Have you tried meditating?" Agh!! That one really bugs me. 

Here’s the thing... when you can’t sleep the single worst thing (in my opinion) to do is "muscle through it." Getting upset that you can’t sleep. Worrying about it and ultimately beating yourself up over it just makes it worse... obviously.

How to deal

Here are 4 really potent steps I use with my clients all the time to effectively move past and deal with those sleepless nights a bit better...

  1. Give yourself some grace. When you’re lying there getting all worked up that you can’t sleep and you’re about to start literally yelling at yourself for it. Stop. Breathe and simply treat yourself like a mother. If your kiddo can’t sleep, what do you do? Scream at them? Make them feel bad? Of course not! You show them some compassion. Big hugs, snuggles and tell them it’s going to be ok. Boom!! Use that magic on yourself.
  2. Don't deny your thoughts. This is where I see people really getting tripped up. They try super hard to let their thoughts go. To meditate or count and “try” to let their thoughts drift away. Nawww!! Doesn’t work like that. Suppressed thoughts only get louder. TRUTH! So instead practice some self-acceptance. The head chatter is loud and distracting. It’s like trying to fall asleep in a movie theatre with Rogue I in 3-D playing full blast. Let yourself off the hook. It’s ok. If that movie wants to play...then just let it play.
  3. Dance with the thoughts. Here is where you can have a little fun. First of all after the self compassion and acceptance you can lighten up on yourself. Surrender to the thoughts. Don’t take them so seriously. You are not your mind after all. So when you notice a thought coming in...”omg did I forget to pack lunch for tomorrow?!” Turn it around...”hmmm if I was living in my dream destination in my dream house, what would I prepare for lunch?” Go into detail. You’re awake so you might as well play and have the best time with your imagination. This is key!!
  4. Listen for a divine download. Consider this the next time you can’t sleep. Maybe the universe (or God, or source energy or whatever you believe) is trying to tell you something. Something important. Life changing. Epic. Radical. Perhaps that’s why you're awake... energetically you’re aligning to receive it. Surrender and trust. It could be the miracle message that changes the whole trajectory of your life.

4 simple steps. There you go. The radical and cool part of this whole process is that each step allows you to re-regulate some of your hormones. From a physiological standpoint the goal is to get you secreting more oxytocin and serotonin (feel good hormones)... the precursor to melatonin (your sleep hormone) and mitigate the possible surge in cortisol. Now you may or may not fall asleep... but that’s not the outcome here. The idea is to release your expectations about falling asleep. And just naturally learn to trust your body. Within time your sleep will absolutely improve and you’ll find less sleepless nights. And when you do find yourself there, you’ll know how to manage it! Personal power! 

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