Shayna Schmidt | Dec. 3, 2018

Let’s bust one myth right here and now: it’s not a rite of passage to gain weight during the holiday season. Truly. You’ve created some great habits throughout the year, and you are able to maintain them throughout December. With just a little bit of planning, you can maintain your workout program and stay on track to achieve your goals this holiday season.

To help keep us on track, we've enlisted the aid of our Livekick trainer team - experts in health, exercise science, sports medicine, and overall fitness and nutrition - for some advice. Here are their secrets to staying fit during the season of overindulgence:

1. If you fail to prepare, you fail to prepare.

"Be ready with a plan so that it’ll be firmly in place when you start making excuses about you being too tired or about it being too late in the day. One great strategy is to divide up your workout if you know you’re going to have a particularly busy day. Several 10 minute workouts at different times in your day are better than no workout at all." -- Jillian Sambrook, Fitness Trainer, Cleveland OH

"Establish a set of exercises that can always be in your back pocket. Make these moves that you are able to do when you’re at home, in a gym, traveling, etc. This way when you’re outside of your normal routine, you can still do them. I suggest that these exercise rely on bodyweight so that you won’t need any equipment. Squats, push-ups, burpees, lunges… exercises like this are great." -- Daniel Morse, Fitness Trainer, Chicago IL

Here’s a clip of a great 3-move workout that you can do with zero equipment or one mini resistance band.

  1. Side Lunge (with optional Tricep Pushdown if you have a band) - 10 reps each side

  2. Side Star Plank - 20 sec each side

  3. Beast + Push-Up - 10 reps

2. Get your workout done in the morning.

A common complaint of this time of year is how busy everyone is. Between holiday events and gift shopping, you may spend most afternoons and evenings too busy to work out. Getting it done first thing removes that excuse.

"For most of us, a heavy meal makes us feel tired and lethargic- definitely not in the mood to work out! By working out earlier in the day, you also will feel better about yourself for doing something and less likely to overindulge later on." -- Dean Gardikiotis, Fitness Trainer, Kent UK

"By planning ahead and getting a good workout in before your holiday gatherings, you can boost your metabolism and become a fat-burning machine. By doing HIIT workouts with exercises like burpees and squat jumps, you’ll get your body into a state called EPOC, continuing to burn calories long after your workout is over. On the mental side, knowing you had a good workout in the morning keeps the guilt away when you do decide to indulge a little (operative word being a LITTLE!)." -- Andrew Smith, Fitness Trainer, Colorado Springs CO

3. Focus on yourself.

"Take some time out for yourself. Take a few moments every day in a quiet area to breathe and be still. Life can be very hectic, but during the holiday season sometimes it gets even crazier. It is a time of excitement, family and fun, but sometimes extra stress can creep in. Making sure to take a few extra moments for yourself will help keep you mindful, is extremely important and worthwhile!" -- Jen Bianchini, Yoga Teacher, Miami FL

4. Make it a family affair.

Chances are high that you’re with lots of family members at some point this season, and it’s easy to be tempted to lounge around with everyone for days on end. Be the change! Get everyone up and moving.

"Invite friends and family to be active with you. Go on walks after dinner, practice yoga at home, or go to a gym... whatever it is, it’ll be better together." -- Quin Budd, Yoga Teacher, Colorado Springs CO

"Create some competition! It can be casual competition, but it’s helpful to get other energies into the mix! Coordinate a game that you can play with family and friends to get active while spending time together. Some fun activities like throwing the football, kicking a soccer ball around, or even just going for a walk as a family before and even after a big meal is a great way to stay active while enjoying everyone’s company!" -- Catherine English, Fitness Trainer, Apex NC

5. Don’t forget to enjoy!

"It is a busy, crazy time for all of us and finding time to train and eat well can be difficult. Embrace this time off, enjoy the rest and be happy with what you are able to get done! Reward yourself when you do train but don't feel guilty when you do not. Sometimes being too hard on yourself can have negative effects on your progress in the long run. Try to maintain a positive mindset and push yourself in a healthy way, enjoying every aspect of this time of year!" -- Ethan Connellan, Fitness Trainer, Cape Town ZA

Jillian, Daniel, Dean, Andrew, Jen, Quin, Catherine, and Ethan (and the rest of our amazing trainer team) are all here to help you hit those New Year's resolutions! What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start today with your very own personal trainer or yoga teacher this holiday season.