Dianne Sykes | April 23, 2018

With lots of folks heading out of town on vacations this time of year, we wanted to offer a bit of advice regarding keeping your fitness in check while traveling. When you're off your "regular" schedule, it can be challenging to implement the habits you've created in your day-to-day. Location changes and suddenly everything changes. But it doesn't have to!

Here's the bottom line before we share 3 great tips: it's a mindset! When you live a healthy lifestyle, you don't ever really "go on vacation" from that lifestyle. Wherever you are, whatever curveballs life may throw at you, you maintain that baseline. There's no reason to fall off the bandwagon, or whatever other cliché expression you want to use, because it's your way of life and you have created habits that are solid and firmly in place. If this is the case, you are deftly able to adapt to any circumstance, no matter how new.

Here are some tips on how to stay "on track" from our resident exercise physiologist, Dianne.


Tip 1: Pack your fitness in the suitcase

Once you have your mind right that you're not off track because you live your fitness every day as a lifestyle, here's tip number one: don't forget to pack your fitness. The easiest way you can guarantee failure in this category is to accidentally forget to pack your fitness clothes when packing your suitcase. When I pack for a trip (and I travel extensively), it's always the sneakers, the workout clothes, some protein powder, a couple of protein bars, and my wireless headphones that go into the travel bag first. Then everything else can fit in afterwards. But I make sure I get those in there first! Easy enough. 

Tip 2: Do your research

When I travel, I always make sure that I look at the hotel at which I'll be staying. Is there a hotel gym? What are the facilities and amenities like? What trails are nearby? What roads are around? I will often pre-map out a running or walking route so that I am ready to hit the ground running... literally! Set that up ahead of time. Do your research and due diligence.

The other thing that I research when I travel, if I'm staying in the country at least, is the location of the closest Whole Foods. That way, I know that at least I can get some healthy dry goods to stock up on. They also have that fresh hot bar so I know that can serve as a great go-to while on the road. The lesson here is to do some research on good healthy stores or restaurants near wherever you'll be. This brings me to my last tip:

Tip 3: Make your fitness list

Once you make this list, then you can start reverse-engineering. If you know you're going away on a vacation, for example, plan ahead. Make a fitness schedule. Tell yourself, "Okay. I'll be gone for seven days. During that time, I know I want to get in four workouts and three runs." Then schedule them on your calendar! Actually. Create events in your calendar. I've found the best time of da to schedule these sweat sessions is early in the morning (especially if you're traveling with family). I know you want to sleep in. I know it's your vacation. However, if you want to "stay on track" with your fitness, you gotta just get it done early. That way it won't interfere with the schedule of fun activities you have planned for the rest of the day. 

Another great way to stick to your fitness list while traveling is by signing up with Livekick! Your world-class Livekick trainer will hold you accountable-- we promise that. Since your routine is naturally disrupted when you travel, it really helps to have something (or in this case, someone) from your typical routine travel with you. And since Livekick offers you your trainer in your pocket, anywhere, anytime, traveling is not a problem! 

In regards to planning ahead with the nutrition aspect of things, it helps to acknowledge that you are on vacation and you will inevitably indulge in some capacity! It wouldn't be a true vacation if you didn't! When I went away last month for July fourth weekend, I knew we planned to go to one of my favorite restaurants (from when I was in college)! I planned ahead for that indulgent meal and looked forward to it! It was built into the plan, and therefore totally guilt-free. If you allot for something, then it doesn't catch you off guard. For example, if you're away for those seven days, tell yourself something like: "I'm going to have three indulgent meals this week. I know when they are. I know where they are. I'll even try to decide what I'm going to order. And I will REALLY look forward to them." Then for all of your other meals, practice those habits you've spent a lot of time creating. 

There are healthy options everywhere. Even when on vacation. You just have to learn to be resourceful! 

So those are my three tips! Don't leave your fitness at home. I hope this helps you stay "on track" while you’re traveling.

Let us know how you do! We'd love to hear from you.