Dianne Sykes | July 2, 2018

Fireworks Workout

Happy 4th of July! Time to celebrate the summer. It’s such a wonderful time of year. We want you to take the opportunity to relax, restore and replenish yourself.  Let’s start the season right with a little finisher I call FIREWORKS!  Get it done early and then head out and relax, celebrate and BBQ! You’ll be burning calories all day after this fun workout in the morning. It’s a great stress buster too! Stress can wreak havoc on our metabolism not to mention our immune systems and overall performance. One of the single best ways to manage stress is exercise.  I am sure you knew that… but do you know why?? Well, the body signifies stress with a fight or flight response. This causes your nervous system to go into overdrive - releasing cortisol and adrenaline, spiking your heart rate, moving fatty acids into your bloodstream and firing up your muscle tension. It’s preparing you for a massive physical output… unfortunately, there isn't much physical activity involved with an annoying convo with your boss, spouse or kid lol. If your body does not have a proper physical outlet, that creates a pretty volatile internal environment. Multiply this by your daily stress encounters and YIKES!! Not only can it kill your fat loss efforts, but it may also take years off your life.

So onto the workout… FIREWORKS!!

3 rounds - 6 reps each
Bent Over Row
Hang High Pulls

3 rounds - 10 reps each
Lateral lunge
Single arm row
Tornado chops

3 rounds - 8 reps each
Single Arm Swing
Single Arm Overhead Press
Split Squat

Shoot us a message at hello@livekick.com to let us know how you did!