Dianne Sykes | June 26, 2018


Interval Day: It's one of our favorite days. If you are an athlete of any kind OR you just want to burn serious fat,  it is essential that you get some speed work in your training plan. Why? It boosts something called LACTATE THRESHOLD. This is your body's secret weapon and will give you that kick at the end of a race. It can also help you pick up your overall pace while running longer mileage.

"Steady state"

During long slow cardio your body actually reaches something called "steady state." This is like a bit of a plateau. The amount of oxygen you consume to give you energy flattens as your muscles and systems get used to the workload. In other words you are operating in efficiency mode. Not expending too much energy...just enough to meet the demand of the run. The problem with this is that adaptations to your systems (musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neuromuscular) don't occur here. Our bodies need CHALLENGE to GROW!  That's where interval training comes in. 

It will improve your body's ability to consume oxygen (which is the determining factor in energy supply for performance). It will also improve your level of steady rate exercise. You can go faster AND for longer. The distance runner's dream!!!!!

On the track:

1 mile slow easy warm up
6 x 400m sprints
200m walk for recovery in between each sprint
1 mile slow jog to cool down

The KEY is to run hard and get your HR up to 85% of your HRR. It's all about intensity... these workouts are hard but outside of your comfort zone is where you grow stronger!!

We know it hurts but it's worth it. Promise!!!

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