Dianne Sykes | July 23, 2018

It takes almost no time at all...

In under 15 minutes you can achieve a full sweat, radiance and move one step closer to your rocking body of health!!

It’s all about choices, right? That is what we're all about at Livekick. Knowing that time can be a really appealing excuse, we learn to bend, collapse it and simply move it aside! That way you can easily make the choice to spend 15-30 minutes moving your body and moving toward your goals instead of wasting 30 minutes in traffic on the way to the gym OR standing on line at Starbucks to get coffee to "give you a refresh."

The workout

Here’s the sweet lineup. This is a power-packed workout designed to rejuvenate your cells by keeping your blood circulating. That means you’ll be delivering much needed nutrients to all your delicious body parts at a much faster rate, allowing them to plump up and recharge. Ba-boom!

2 rounds of each circuit:
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (12 each)
Feet Elevated Side Planks (12 each)
Box Jumps (12)

Decline Pushups (12)
Pistol Squats (12 each)
Lateral Step Ups (12 each)

Feet Elevated Mountain Climbers (12 each)
Step Ups (12 each)
Dips (12)

Let us know how it goes?!